Why Should You Include Dynamic Warm Upin Your Workout Regime?

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Dynamic Warm Up includes the active movements of muscles that result in a stretch. In layman’s terms, it is simple stretching while in motion as opposed to static stretching. The goal is to prime and prep the muscles and tendons so that they yield maximum output and get the blood flowing as well; this will also improve the flexibility before training and focus on the actual game or workout session.

Dynamic Warm Up101:

On a basic level, stretching comes naturally and instinctively. Once you wake up or after sitting stagnant for a long time. Today, stretching is not a mindless activity but an essential part of a fitness regime and within good reason.

With proper research, static stretching has revealed some drawbacks that are corrected by dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching is now beginning to replace static stretching as the warm-up style for everyone from beginner gym goers to professional athletes.

What’s the difference between dynamic stretching and dynamic warmup?

There is no actual difference between the two, they are synonyms for each other, and they are understandable because they are interchangeable in specific contexts but not in others. This is because the standard and recommended practice to perform dynamic stretching are before an actual workout or game. In this context, it part of the warm-up.

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Benefits of Dynamic Warm Up:

It activates the muscles- this goes without saying, you should perform dynamic stretches on the muscles that you plan to work out for the day. You will want to make walking lunges as a dynamic warmup if you’re going to perform weight lunges at the gym.

This way your hips, legs, core, glutes and stabilizing muscle fibers and connective tissues are warmed up and prepped before you add the additional weight.

Improves neuromuscular awareness- Dynamic Warm Up stretching with the muscles you plan on using later, and it gets you in the right state of mind because it challenges your coordination and balance. Your nervous system is elevated and so is your motor ability, this is vital to getting the most rewards out of the workout and improving the performance.

Improves range of motion- You don’t want to feel like rigor mortis has set in and be stiff as a board. The very nature of dynamic stretching requires you to extend the range of the muscles by being stretched slowly. By performing walking lunges, you will need the hips to increase the higher range of motion. This will increase and allow for improved muscle engagement for each exercise.

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