Different types of shoulder pains and injuries and how to treat it effectively?

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Does your shoulder hurt? Do you feel pain and cannot move it properly? Read this handy article to solve this discomfort and get back to your normal way right away.

Have you tried stretching your arms and suddenly you felt a sharp pain in your shoulder? Or does it hurt a lot after had a bad fall or encountered an accident where you landed your shoulder? You are not alone, in fact, there are a lot of people who suffers from shoulder pain and injuries on a daily basis due to different reasons, with some not even sustaining any injuries.

Shoulder pain has a lot of contributing factors aside from injury, it may be caused due to overworking and exhaustion, but, shoulder pain is a telltale sign that your body needs to rest and recover from a hectic and exhausting day either at work or at school while there are shoulder pains that are caused by arthritis.

Shoulder pain

Pain caused by injury

If you are asking confused if you have an injury or not, you can assess yourself by moving your shoulders normally, and if you feel it be too stiff or you feel pain, or you can feel that something could pop out of its socket, or if you feel that your shoulder cannot do normal things anymore, then your shoulder might be probably injured, and you may not have known it.

Pain caused by another condition

There are some shoulder pain that is not caused by injuries and you can just rest it for a while or get some ice bag and press it against the area where the pain comes from, if the pain does not subside and have some symptoms like having deformity in your shoulder, you cannot move it at all, or the pain is just too intense, or there is swelling already, or your hand become numb or weak, then you should visit your doctor right away because this may be caused by another medical condition.

Other types of shoulder injury:

  • Dislocation
  • Separation of your collarbone and shoulder blade
  • Fractured bone
  • Shoulder joint tear
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Impingement
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Heart attack

Shoulder pain

Types of treatments that you can have

For dislocations, fractures, and separations, you have to undergo surgery if it gets worse or your shoulder will be cemented in case of fractures or metallic braces will be attached to it to heal the broken bones. For other types of shoulder injuries, the doctor will give you prescribed medicine along with pain reliever, refraining you from doing physical activities, and lots, and lots of rest, while there are some who will undergo therapy depending on the severity of the injury.

If the injuries are very minor, you can either use a hot or cold compress to ease down the pain and reduce the swelling of the surrounding muscles of the injured shoulder. However, there are serious illnesses such as heart and lung problems that cause discomfort and pain around your shoulder and this kind of condition needs a doctor’s intervention. For the best shoulder pain treatment click on this link https://nydnrehab.com/what-we-treat/shoulder-pain/nyc-new-york-city-shoulder-pain-treatment/.

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