What You Should Know About genetic testing For Cancer

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Cancer is a disease that is affecting millions of people. Almost every part of the body can be a potential cancer site. Cancer is still one of the top diseases today since there is still no known medical cure for it and irradiate it. People with cancer will always get chemo and radiotherapy with other treatment options like surgery becomes available and only when deemed necessary. Cancer is basically an abnormal cell growth brought about a ton of things like exposure to carcinogens, disease, stress, and genetics.

The predisposing factor of cancer is genetics, your makeup that makes up the very fabric of your being came from genetics. Your color, your hair, your eye color and many more. Genetics are looked into as one of the predisposing factors for cancer and this is because if your family has a history of cancer, then there’s likelihood that you will have cancer as well. This is the reason why cancer screening is very important because it help’s experts understand cancer even more and help with your treatment, know and potential cancer that your family will get and potentially avoid it.

genetic testing for cancer is available in Singapore

What is genetic testing? Genetic testing is about testing for cancer. Basically it tests mutations in your cells that are common in your bloodline. This helps identify the types of cancers that your family can have and what you can expect from it. Not all people in your family will have cancer, but if you have a strong genetics for cancer then you need to prepare and genetics testing will help you with that by starting from the very core of your makeup.

Why you should submit into genetic testing: You should definitely submit to genetics testing for you to know possible cancer that you might get and especially if your family has a history of it. Not all countries have this and some people have to even travel to another country just to be tested. So if you’re in Singapore, you’re lucky because a genetic testing for cancer is available in Singapore.

What to expect: You can expect that cancer screening is like pandora’s box, there is a big possibility that it will lead to more tests especially if your first degree family has a history of cancer. You should also expect that its expensive and might not be covered by insurance since it still needs to be justified if its required. You can also expect that this is the same as any other patient record so your records won’t be accessed just by anyone except the people that handles your testing or unless required by law.

Even after centuries there is still no known medical cure for cancer. This is one of the many reasons why many people should take cancer very seriously because no matter what race and whatever you do their are precipitating and predisposing factors that can put you at risk for cancer. While precipitating factor can be altered, predisposing like genetics isn’t. This is the reason why if you have the opportunity you should opt for a genetic testing especially if you family has a history of cancer.

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