Most Common Types of Smart Drugs

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Smarts drugs are a class of drugs that help in enhancing various brain related functions. Pretty much like any other drug, for instance paracetamol, there are a number of brands that use different kinds of compositions for smart drugs with some changes in the effects and usage. Recently, more and more people are using smart drugs to make the most out of their work with best of brain power. Quite rightly though, people feel the need for smart drugs today so that they can compete with a large population that’s out there and give quality outcome at work. Here’s a list of common types of smart drugs that most people use.

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Modafinil is one of the smart drugs that deliver most of the benefits with almost no side-effects. Modafinil promotes wakefulness and fights lethargy by controlling the dopamine re-uptake at the synapses. This makes us a lot more mentally active. Other cognitive functions, like thinking, problem solving, decision making, and logically analyzing become really easy and efficient. It also uplifts mood and gives high levels of concentration. When you have it in proper doses and if you are not allergic to it, you can make the most out of it. If you check, you’d even find that online modafinil reviews talk in favor of it mostly. Modafinil took over armodafinil, which is really expensive. However you can still buy armodafinil if you prefer.


Choline is one of the best kinds of smart drugs or nootropics. This one is mostly known and used for being innocuous since it is a natural compound. Foods, like dairy products and dried fruits, like almonds contains certain amounts of choline. One of the biggest reasons why choline supplements can work in the best ways to make you an overall active person is because most people have a deficiency of choline in their bodies. So, there are chances that the extra drowsiness that you might be having is because of the deficiency.

Metabolic enhancers and vasodilators

As our brain gets more of blood, it is supplied with more of oxygen. When the right amount of oxygen reaches the brain cells, it makes the brain function even better. This is how vasodilators and metabolic enhancers work. When you take a metabolic enhancer, your cells have a high metabolism and more energy is produced. However, this is one of the nootropics where overdosing can be a big problem. This is why while having this smart drug; you should keep a good check on your doses.

Nicotine (not in the form of cigarettes)

We all know about nicotine. In fact, in a world where cigarettes are so readily available, about 2 out of 5 people smoke nicotine in the form of cigarettes. If you ask a person who smokes why he smokes, the probable answer would be that it relieves stress and makes the brain work better for that person.

Nicotine taken in the form of cigarettes is really harmful for health and has high amounts of nicotine. When we talk about the nootropic properties of nicotine, we don’t need that high amount of nicotine. On monitoring and taking just about right doses of nicotine, it reaches the mitochondria and produces more energy. This energy reaches the brain and enhances cognitive functions.


Amphetamine is one of the most common and yet not-so-preferred kind of smart drugs. The reason why people nowadays don’t prefer to buy amphetamine is because it can be potentially addictive. However, college-going students still buy amphetamine and you can find it being sold in some of the colleges too. Some of the common side-effects of amphetamine are anxiety and stress.

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