A Number of Things to Consider When Choosing Polygraph Examiner

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Allowing a learner to run polygraph tests on your target client is the worst mistake you can ever make. They will give false results and force you to make grave mistakes that would negatively affect your business, relations, and married life for years. Before you engage a polygraph examiner in carrying out a lie detector test on an employee or spouse, it will be good you evaluate certain things.

Determine If They Have Professional Memberships

In the UK, there are state and national polygraph associations that have a distinct code of ethics and standards of practice that every member needs to follow if they want to keep their membership. Some of the most reputed associations are the Polygraph Association, the American Polygraph Association, and the National Polygraph Association. Every reputable polygraph examiner will have a membership with all of these associations. Confirm with the membership board of such associations to see if your preferred polygraph examiner is a member before you hire their services.

Level of Training

There are several reputable schools in the UK that provide polygraph training. Any genuine polygraph examiner will have undergone all the training sessions offered in these schools and acquired a certification to prove the same. The American Polygraph Association offers a certificate of Specialized and Advanced training to confirm that the member undergoes not less than thirty hours of additional polygraph training every two years.

Area of Specialty

Inquire about the area of specialty of the potential polygraph examiner. The different polygraph examinations require different levels of training. For instance, an examiner who specializes in post-conviction sex offenses may not be able to handle investigative and evidentiary examinations. Get your facts right to avoid confusion and problems in the future. Some polygraph companies in the UK have trained examiners in all these sectors though.

Know the Instrumentation Used

There are four well-known and reputable manufacturers for polygraph instruments. These are Limestone, Axciton, Stoelting, and Lafeyette. Before you settle for any examiner, make sure to confirm about their instrumentation. Any of them who do not use instruments from any of the four manufacturers should be avoided as they may not deliver to your expectations.

Determine If the Examiner Is Certified

Certification is the competency test that helps determine how accurate the polygraph tests done by certain examiners are. It’s the examination that helps the American Polygraph Association and the American Society for Materials and Testing to determine if certain examiners comply with the recent standard of practice. The pass mark for an examiner to be certified to conduct Investigative Polygraph Examinations is 80% while that one for conducting Evidentiary Polygraph Examinations is 90%. Any examiner who is not certified or does not meet the above-mentioned details should be avoided by all means.

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